August 6, 2018 Minutes


A regular meeting of the Wilde Lake Village Board was called to order by Kevin McAliley, Chair,on August 6, 2018 at 6:30pm at Slayton House, Columbia, Maryland. Members present were Kevin McAliley, Chair; Laura Torres, Vice Chair; Bess Caplan, Stephen Mowatt; Nancy McCord, Columbia Council Rep; Kristin Shulder, Village Manager; and Carole Black, Board Secretary. Mary Calder was absent. Also present were Mary Kay Sigaty, Howard County Council Chairperson; and residents Ann and Bill Wallace, Susan Kent, Jeff Friedhoffer, and Carol and John Koenig.

  • Ms. McCord made a motion, seconded by Ms. Caplan, to approve the agenda for August 6, 2018. All in favor.
  • Ms. Torres made a motion, seconded by Mr. Mowatt, to approve the minutes of July 2, 2018. All in favor.
2018 Garden Contest Winners

Ms. Wallace announced the winners of the 2018 Garden Contest.

SPECIAL GUEST: Mary Kay Sigaty, Howard County Council Chairperson

Ms. Sigaty discussed various projects including the Twin Rivers Road pathway, and new traffic patterns and signals. Ms. McCord raised concern about the increase in signs and asked about a ban on all signs. Ms. Caplan asked about a ban on styrofoam and plastics for restaurants. Ms. Sigaty said that styrofoam can be recycled at Alpha Ridge. She noted that she has asked the county’s state delegates to look into the issue on a state-wide level. Regarding the middle school pathway, Ms. Sigaty has requested an easement on the Columbia Flier property to allow for a connection to Little Patuxent Parkway. There is still no decision yet on the future of the Columbia Flier building. Ms. Sigaty also talked about the Twin Rivers Road water main replacement project, which will take up to two years to complete.

Resident Speakout

There were no residents who wished to speak out.


Request for Donation: WLHS After School Activity Bus

Jennie Hill, of WLHS explained that the purpose of the bus is to provide transportation for students staying after school for tutoring to pass a mandatory exam for high school graduation. Mr. McAliley will reach out to the Board chairs from Hickory Ridge, Harper’s Choice, Dorseys Search and Town Center to discuss how the community associations can best help collectively.  Decision on this will be tabled until the September meeting.

Discussion: CA Encroachment Enforcement

The Board discussed ways to alert residents when applying for exterior alterations to stay within their property line and not extend onto CA property.


Columbia Council Rep

Ms. McCord reported that revisions to the management contract regarding association employee benefits have been approved.  Ms. McCord wants to have a joint meeting with the CA Board, Village Board chairs and Village Managers to improve relations with all groups.

Ms. McCord also raised her concerns about a strip center planned for Broken Land Parkway across from Lake Elkhorn.

AC Liaison Report

A report was submitted.


Education: Ms. Calder met with Mr. McAliley and Mr. Friedhoffer, former chair of the committee.

Health and Wellness: Ms. Torres is working with Bill Miller and Barbara  Kellner on a health walk around the lake on the day of the picnic. She is also planning a panel discussion on the opioid crisis for October 24.

Wilde Lake CARES: Ms. Caplan reported that there will be cleanup on September 22.

Manager: Ms. Shulder reminded the Board about the pool party for August 9.

Chair: Mr. McAliley will be involved with the Howard County Realtors bus tour.


Ms. Torres made a motion, seconded by Ms. Caplan, to adjourn the meeting  at 8:40pm. All in favor.


Submitted by

Carole Black

Board Secretary

Approved 09/04/18

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