Below some of the more frequently asked questions about renting our spaces are answered. If you have further questions about renting Slayton House for your performance, meeting or event, please contact Linda Stevens, Facilities Coordinator, at 410/730-3987 or  Her office hours are Monday & Friday, 9am-5pm; Tuesday & Thursday, 1:30-5pm; and Wednesday, 9am-12:30pm.

General FAQs

A security deposit is required to hold a room, date, and time.  The Facilities Coordinator will specify the rate of the security deposit, which depends on the type of event.  The deposit must be paid in full at contract signing.  A room can be held for a week on a “right of first refusal” basis.  Rental fees are due four weeks prior to the event.  If payment is not made on due date and unless arrangements have been made through the Facilities Coordinator, the event is considered cancelled and the security deposit is retained.
Cancellation policies vary depending on the type of event, for example, a stage performance versus a party rental.  The Facilities Coordinator can provide exact information.
Unless requested, specified in the contract, and paid for in advance, there is no exclusive use of the building.  A member of the Slayton House staff will be present during the event.  Use of any outdoor space must be approved by the Columbia Association.
No, insurance is your responsibility.  If food and beverages are being served, you or your caterer must provide a liability insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000 listing Wilde Lake Community Association and Columbia Association as co-insured.  All dance and theater instructors must also provide proof of $1,000,000 in liability insurance. 
Tables and upholstered chairs are included with your rental and your room will be configured to your request.   You or your caterer must provide tablecloths. Six and eight foot rectangular tables and four and five foot round tables are available.  
All room decorations attached to walls or fixtures must be approved in advance.  Helium balloons are not permitted in the theater.  Candles inside a glass container, such as votives or a hurricane globes, may be used.  Decorating time must be included in your contract, although with the approval of the Facilities Coordinator, decorations or refreshments may be delivered before the event.
Commercial microwave, refrigerator, warming oven, ice machine and three-tub sink. 
If you plan on selling alcoholic beverages, a liquor license is required.  The Howard County Liquor Board will issue such licenses to non-profit organizations.  If you are serving alcohol, no license is required.

Theatre or Performance Rental FAQs

 Use of the Theater, Lobby, Stage, Green Room, Kitchen and Dressing Rooms.  Use of the Set Construction Room will be determined on an individual basis.
 Within 24 hours of your final performance.  There is a $25/day storage after that.
 With the approval of the Facilities Coordinator and Technical Director, they may be left in the dressing rooms and/or set construction room during the run of your performance.
Yes, but no alcoholic beverages unless you are a non-profit with a liquor license.  Refreshments may not be taken into the theater when the tiered seating is in place.

Use of baby grand piano – $50/performance.

Use of the Marley floor – $50/performance and/or rehearsal.

You may contract independently with our Technical Director or use your own technical staff with the approval of our Technical Director.

Business Rental FAQs

Yes, but the caterer must provide a copy of their liability insurance policy.
Yes, theater style or classroom style with round or rectangular tables.