Wilde Lake Resale Packets

Selling Your Home in Wilde Lake?

If you are selling your home in Wilde Lake, you will need to provide your buyer with the governing documents of the Association, which is commonly referred to as a Resale Packet.  The packet will include the governing documents for the Wilde Lake Community Association (Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Covenants and Architectural Guidelines), as well as the governing documents for the Columbia Association.

There are two options to obtain a Resale Packet: 

  1.  Download free of charge or
  2. Purchase hard copy online ($25).

To download the Resale Packet documents, follow the instructions below.  Please be sure to save all of the Wilde Lake Community Association and Columbia Association files.  

To purchase a hard copy of the Resale Packet documents, click on the Purchase a Resale Packet button below.  The entire set of documents will be mailed to you once your order is placed.   Please note these documents cannot be used for properties located in any other Columbia Village. All sales are final with no returns or exchanges.   Not sure if you live in Wilde Lake? Visit our Columbia Street Listing to verify your address.

Questions? Email Carl McKinney, Covenant Advisor, at covenants@wildelake.org.

Purchase a Resale Packet

If you would like to download your Resale Packet free of charge, please save all of the following files:

Welcome-Letter-FY 2023

WLCA Covenants

WLCA By-Laws

Wilde Lake Architectural Guidelines and Maintenance Standards

Columbia Association governing documents can be downloaded here (click the link below):