Agendas and Meeting Minutes

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  • Upcoming Agenda

    All agendas are posted on the Thursday before the meeting.

  • Village Board Meeting July 1, 2019

    Call to order        (1 minute)

    Approval of Agenda  (1 minute)

    Approval of Minutes (07/01/2019)       ( 2 minutes)

    SPECIAL GUEST:      Lela Sewell-Williams, Columbia Archives Manager     “Preserving and Presenting Voices from the Past”    (20 minutes)

    Resident Speakout      (15 minutes)


    1. *Request for Free Use (10 minutes)

    Oneness Center for Spiritual Living

    1. *FY2019 5th Quarter Financial Report    (10 minutes)
    2. *Convert HCC Scholarship to Endowment   (20 minutes)
    3. *Donation to Columbia Housing Corporation in Memory of Jane Dembner        (5  minutes)
    4. Discussion: Vista Wilde Lake Outreach 10 minutes


    Columbia Council Rep    (5 minutes)         

    AC Liaison   (5 minutes)

    Committees:            (10 minutes)

    Wilde Lake CARES


    Health and Wellness

    Neighborhood Reps

    Manager    (5 minutes)

    Chair          (5 minutes)

    ADJOURNMENT (no later than 8:45pm)

    *Indicates action item