Join the Wilde Lake RAC!

WLCA is actively recruiting Wilde Lake residents to serve on the Resident Architectural Committee, or RAC! Read on for additional details and to apply.

What does a RAC member do?

  • You review written applications for exterior changes to homes in Wilde Lake – everything from fences to light fixtures.
  • You visit each property assigned to you to get a better sense of how the proposed changes would affect the property and its surrounding neighbors. All proposed changes are to the exterior of the properties, so site visits can be done on your own schedule.
  • You consistently attend RAC meetings two evenings a month to discuss applications with your RAC colleagues and make recommendations to the Wilde Lake Architectural Committee (WLAC). RAC meetings are currently held via Zoom on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.
  • You enjoy knowing that your efforts are key to keeping Wilde Lake a desirable, attractive place to live!

Do I need to be an architect/urban planner/master gardener?
No – just an interested resident of the Village of Wilde Lake! Prospective RAC members and alternates should be willing to become familiar with Wilde Lake’s Covenants and its Architectural Guidelines and Maintenance Standards, be available for RAC meetings on a regular basis, and have 4-6 hours per month total to consistently devote to RAC activities. RAC members do not evaluate Covenant violations or provide general advice regarding architectural standards or maintenance.

How can I find out more about what RAC service entails?
We suggest that all interested residents attend a regular RAC meeting via Zoom and talk with a current member of the committee before applying. RAC membership is subject to the approval of the Wilde Lake Village Board.

I’m ready to apply!
Wonderful! Contact Lexi Levy Milani at [email protected] or 410-730-3987 x 16.

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