Village Board Candidates (5 seats available)


Wilde Lake is unique. We were the first village in Columbia, thus we are the oldest. Many residents moved here fifty years ago for the opportunity of a new, equable community. I hope that dream exists for the next fifty years.

Now we are faced with the task of enhancing and protecting an aging neighborhood, while dealing with a growing urban city. Glitzy apartments and modern office buildings are being erected a short distance away. Our roads have seen increased traffic and major construction. I have always cared about our community – it’s people environment, and schools. The job of a village board member is not only to attend meetings. The Board is the eyes, ears, face and conscience of our community. The Board needs to be a strong advocate for our neighborhood.


BESS CAPLAN ~ Running Brook 

As a returning Board Member, I will continue working for our community and every resident who resides therein. My priorities include the maintenance and safety of our wonderful amenities, fostering a renewed sense of community between neighbors and neighborhoods, enriching relationships with our public schools and enhancing community appeal by upholding our community covenants and preserving our environmental assets. I plan to continue my involvement in Wilde Lake CARES (Community Action and Resources for Environmental Stewardship), an environmental committee dedicated to enhancing the environmental integrity of Wilde Lake Village. I hope you’ll join me as I strive to carry on the wonderful legacy of Wilde Lake, while engaging in positive change in our community. I ask for your vote and support.

WULAH COOPER ~ Bryant Woods 

As a resident of Wilde Lake Village and a neighborhood representative of Tidesfall Community, I have actively served my community for over 5 years.

As the current head of the Tidesfall Walk Around Committee I have organized three Summer cleanup programs for Tidesfall Community. I am actively involved in keeping my neighbors up-to-date with events happening WLV and Columbia.

I am a strong believer in giving back to the community through volunteering. I would love to see more emphasis and effort placed on educating WLV residents of the positive and powerful values volunteerism has on our beautiful community of Wilde Lake Village.

I also believe the future of Wilde Lake is in the hands of our energetic residents who volunteer their time.

To remain a vibrant community in Howard County, we (Wilde Lake Association) should reach out to our young residents encouraging them to volunteer and take on leadership positions.

KEVIN McALILEY~ Running Brook 

My service to Wilde Lake broadens as my background in organization management, human resources, digital communications, marketing, networking and social media optimization is utilized to enhance our community. National involvement in corporate and entrepreneurial ventures brings a fresh Team Building approach to local discussions and decisions. Leadership and participation includes  Old-Fashioned Village Picnic, Environmental Education and Neighborhood Representatives executive committees, board chairman, HOA meeting speaker, business tenant gathering, providing testimony at council and association hearings and forums, plus successfully navigating/negotiating with school, college and commercial property owners to create connectivity and receptivity between our new Village Center, new Middle School and New Town district.

Respecting past board members and their service, utilizing history and current community building trends, mentoring, leading, compromising, arriving at consensus, and implementing decisions that represent everyone in our village, I look forward to continuing my past committee and liaison focused work on the board.


  1. Education – This past year as Chair of the Education Committee. We are publicizing requests for volunteers, and PTA fund raising events. This has been done by publishing a period Wilde Lake Education Newsletter.
  2. Maintaining the look and feel of the community – We have to continue ensuring compliance with architectural guidelines and covenants for maintenance, modifications and new construction of properties in the village.
  3. Ensuring environmental health of the community.
  4. Working with local schools on STEM initiatives. This past year helped introduce the Future City project to WLMS and mentored the students in designing a city 100 years in the future. The students competed in the mid Atlantic competition. Also mentored the WLHS FIRST Robotics Competition ((FRC) Member of STEMulating Minds with organized the Annual Howard County STEM festival.

LAURA TORRES ~ Running Brook 

I have been a Wilde Lake resident for the past 16 years. I joined the Wilde Lake Board in October of 2016 allowing me the opportunity to actively participate in the work that the Board does to assist in creating and maintaining such a wonderful community. Through my recent work as the board representative for the Neighborhood Representative Program I have had the opportunity to have conversations with neighbors that I would not have had the opportunity to connect with otherwise. I believe I have a better sense of what some of the needs of the community are, and continuing on the board will allow me the chance to assist in addressing them.

Previous professional experience has provided me with the opportunity to sit on community boards in Baltimore, offering preparation for the type of work that is required of the village board.  


Pursuant to WLCA By-laws section 4.04, on March 20, 2017, the Wilde Lake Village Board appointed Nancy McCord to the position of Columbia Council Representative for the FY2018 term.  (Section 4.04: “If after the deadline for the submission of nomination petitions has passed there is not more than one candidate meeting the requirements to be elected Columbia Council Representative, the Board of Directors shall appoint such candidate to the position of Columbia Council Representative for the term provided for in Article 9, Section 9, of the Association’s Articles of Incorporation.”)

NANCY MCCORD ~ The Birches 

This year, Columbia and Wilde Lake Village celebrate 50 years. It’s an important year as our city grows. I am devoted to helping my community become a better place for all. I am grateful for Wilde Lake’s support so I could serve on the CA board. As the CA Representative I have enjoyed serving the community in various capacities such as:

1.    Writing Nancy’s Notes to bring the happenings of the CA meetings directly to you.

2.    Responding to residents’ concerns, complaints, and questions. 

3.    Acting on your behalf to make sure that CA continues its work to make Columbia a better place to live.

It’s an honor to participate in the community in this capacity. I ask for your vote so I can continue to inform our community first-hand about what happens during  open CA board meetings. Happy Birthday Wilde Lake and CA. Here’s to Many More! Thank you.  


The villages of Columbia hold annual elections every April. This year Election Day is April 29. In December 2016, Yolanda Epps was appointed by the Village Board as the 2017 Village Election Chair.


There are five available seats on the Wilde Lake Village Board and one position as the Wilde Lake representative to the CA Board of Directors (Columbia Council).

The term of office for the Wilde Lake Village Board and Columbia Council Rep is one year. Candidate packets including a nomination petition will be available at Slayton House and on this website beginning February 22. The deadline to submit a petition is March 15. 

All Wilde Lake residents will receive an absentee ballot package in the mail around April 1.  Included in the package are an absentee ballot, candidate statements and a prepaid envelope to return your ballot. 

Who Can Vote?

Members in good standing as of March 1, 2017 are eligible to vote. Members are defined in the Bylaws as owners and tenants. Where property is jointly owned, one vote is permitted. Where property is rented, one owner vote and one tenant vote are permitted. (Covenants 3.02 A & B; and Articles of Incorporation, Sixth Article of Incorporation, Paragraph A & B)

When and Where to Vote

If you choose to vote in person on Election Day, look for the green and white flag at the entrance to Slayton House. Check in at Slayton House between 9am and 2pm on April 29.

What to Bring to Verify Residence

You must show a valid driver’s license, a photo I.D. or utility bill with your name and current address.

Absentee Voting

If you choose not to vote in person, complete the ballot enclosed in the absentee ballot package and return in the envelope provided. Absentee ballots are valid only if completely filled out, including all identifying information on the envelope. This information will be kept separate from the actual ballot to insure privacy. Absentee ballots are due April 28 at 5pm. The absentee ballot cannot be used on Election Day.




  • February 22, 2017   Nomination Period Begins
  • March 1, 2017   List of eligible voters posted
  • March 15, 2017 Nomination period ends. Nominating petitions due. Candidates’ statements due
  • March 16, 2017 Verification of nomination petitions. Order on ballot by random drawing
  • March 30, 2017 Absentee ballots available at Slayton House
  • March 31, 2017 Mail Absentee ballots
  • April  4, 2017 Candidates’ Forum: 6:30pm – Meet the candidates for the Village Board of Directors.
  • April 13, 2017   Statements published in newsletter in Columbia Flier
  • April 28, 2017   Absentee ballots due before the end of business day
  • April 29, 2017   ELECTION DAY 9:00AM – 2:00PM (New time)