Wilde Lake Village Elections

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VB Candidate packet 2020

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CCR Candidate packet 2020

What Is Columbia Association Looking for in Members of its Board of Directors

Columbia Council and Board Orientation Information-February 2020 Packet

Presentation for Candidate Information Session 2020





February 18, 2020               Nomination Period Begins


March 2, 2020                      List of eligible voters posted


March 11, 2020                    Nomination period ends, Nominating petitions due,   Candidates’ statements due

March 13 or 14, 2020          Verification of nomination petitions, Order on ballot by random drawing

March 27, 2020                    Absentee ballots available at Slayton House

March 27, 2020                    Mail Absentee ballots

April 2, 2020                          Candidates’ Night – 7:00pm (if contested election). Note: If uncontested, reception will be held before VB meeting on April 6

April 16, 2020 (tent)             Statements published in newsletter in Columbia Flier

April 24, 2020                       Absentee ballots due before the end of business day

April 25, 20120                      ELECTION DAY 9:00AM – 2:00PM

For more information about the elections, please contact Kristin Shulder at wlca@wildelake.org or Carole Black at gallery@wildelake.org