Wilde Lake Village Elections & Board Appointments


Are you interested in working with your neighbors on Village issues?

As of May 1, 2020, there will be three open Wilde Lake Village Board of Directors positions.  Please consider applying to serve on the Wilde Lake Village Board.

Click Here for the Board of Director’s position description and click here to download the application for Board Appointment. The application deadline is April 27, 2020.  Interviews will be held on Monday, May 4, 2020.   If you have any questions, contact Kristin Shulder, Village Manager at wlca@wildelake.org.


Pursuant to WLCA By-laws section 2.03A, at the next scheduled Village Board meeting, the Village Board will appoint Kevin McAliley and Laura Torres to the positions of Directors of the Board for the FY2021 term. (“If after the deadline for the submission of nomination petitions has passed the number of candidates meeting the requirements to be elected Director are equal to or less than the number of vacant positions, the qualified candidates shall be deemed to have been elected by the members and the Board of Directors shall appoint such candidate(s) to the Director position(s) for the term provided for in Article 8 of the Association’s Articles of Incorporation


Thank you to everyone who has volunteered and participated with our committees, elections, meetings, village events, supported our tenants, students, and schools, and advocated for neighborhood projects.

As chair, I have helped WL Village Center owners, commercial agents, tenants, residents, community advocates, elected officials, school officials, college leaders, local business owners, and members of home owners and apartment associations, come to consensus throughout the connectivity and receptivity phases of our model renovation and successful revitalization process. Effective leadership and communication skills have provided continuity and best represent resident concerns.

My corporate and entrepreneurial experience and work with non-profit boards to increase membership, implement special programs, advocate for and complete pending multi-faceted projects, create value, conduct conflict negotiation, problem resolution, empowerment coaching, diversity assessment, and ensure partners and principals find common ground toward mutually agreed outcomes, uniquely qualifies me to represent and fulfill our mission (see www.wildelake.org/about-us)

LAURA TORRES—Running Brook

I have been a Wilde Lake Village Board member since October 2016 and a resident of Wilde Lake for the past 19 years. As a member of the Board, I have led the Neighborhood Representative Committee in maintaining and recruiting representatives to act as leaders on their streets. I am currently the chair of the Health and Wellness Committee, which promotes the emotional and physical health of the Wilde Lake community through various initiatives. I actively support and participate in other board initiatives and committees  to assist in ensuring the opportunities and resources of residents of all ages and the environment are protected and maintained as they continue to  grow and thrive. If elected, I will  spend the  next year continuing to grow these initiatives.



Pursuant to WLCA By-laws section 4.04, at the next scheduled Village Board meeting, the Wilde Lake Village Board will appoint Nancy McCord to the position of Columbia Council Representative for the FY2021 term.  (“If after the deadline for the submission of nomination petitions has passed there is not more than one candidate meeting the requirements to be elected Columbia Council Representative, the Board of Directors shall appoint such candidate to the position of Columbia Council Representative for the term provided for in Article 9, Section 9, of the Association’s Articles of Incorporation.”)


Over the years, I’ve been devoted to helping my community become a better place for all to live, work, and play.

I am grateful for Wilde Lake’s support so I could serve for the past seven years on the Columbia Association’s Board of Directors. I have contributed to transparency of the board by initiating “Nancy’s Notes” to enlighten everyone on CA’s proceedings. I hope to continue to represent my village and community’s needs and interests. My focus this year is to assure the renovation and retention of the neighborhood centers that provide unique spaces for our community. Please keep the feedback coming!

I am asking for your vote to help me improve the existing facilities while enhancing our experience living in this unique and wonderful place. Please vote for me as your CA Representative when the absentee ballot arrives.

Thank you.

Nancy McCord