Wilde Lake Village Board Meeting October 1, 2018

Call to order    (1 minute)

Approval of Agenda    (1 minute)

Approval of Minutes (9/04/2018)     (2 minutes) 

SPECIAL GUEST:      Andy Stack, Chairperson, CA Board of Directors     (30 minutes) 
SPECIAL PRESENTATION:  Caren Garfield and Gregg Birdsall, Kimco Realty:  Wilde Lake Village Center Landscaping Proposal     (30 minutes)

Resident Speakout      (15 minutes)

  1. *Request for Free Use: Howard County Getting Ahead Initiative      (15 minutes)
  2. Discussion: CA Neighborhood Strategic Plan    (5 minutes)
  3. *WLCA FY2019 First Quarter Financial Report    (5 minutes)
  4. *Request for Operating Funds: Install Ceiling Projector   (10 minutes)
  5. Discussion: Patuxent Branch Trail Easement      (5 minutes)

Columbia Council Rep    (5 minutes )

AC Liaison     (5 minutes)

Committees:     (10 minutes)


Health and Wellness

Wilde Lake CARES

Manager  (5 minutes)

Chair      (5 minutes)

ADJOURNMENT (no later than 9pm)

*Indicates action item

Approved 11/05/18


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