Village Board Meeting September 9, 2019


A regular meeting of the Wilde Lake Village Board was called to order by Kevin McAliley, Chair,on September 9, 2019 at 6:30pm at Slayton House, Columbia, Maryland. Members present were Kevin McAliley, Chair; Stephen Mowatt, Vice Chair, Bess Caplan, Bill Santos Laura Torres,; Kristin Shulder, Village Manager, and Carole Black, Board Secretary. Nancy McCord, Columbia Council Rep, was absent. Also present were Rashel Taylor and Jenn White, Horizon Foundation; Caren Garfield and Greg Reed, Kimco; Marty Oltmanns, CA Aquatics; residents Bill Musser, Meg Yarbrough, Bruce Johnson; and Bryant Woods PTA president Amanda Llorens.

  • Ms. Torres made a motion, seconded by Mr. Mowatt, to approve the agenda for September 9, 2019. All in favor.
  • Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Mr. Mowatt, to approve the minutes of August 5, 2019. The motion carried 4 in favor, one abstention (Mr. Santos).
SPECIAL PRESENTATION: Rashel Taylor and Jennifer White, Horizon Foundation

Ms. White provided information about the Streets for All in Howard County project. The goal is to increase the infrastructure for biking and walking throughout Howard County, increasing connectivity and safe streets for all users. Ms. White and Ms. Taylor were asking the Village Board to join the Safe Streets for All Coalition.


Ms. Garfield provided plans for redesigning the retail space on the ground floor of Vista to accommodate a trash area and loading area.

Mr. Santos made a motion, seconded by Ms. Caplan,  to refer the application to the RAC.All in favor.

Resident Speakout

  • Meg Yarbrough spoke in regard to the early closing pool rotation. Since Running Brook Pool services Dorsey’s Search, she supported early closing rotation between Bryant Woods and Faulkner Ridge.
  • Bill Musser, who lives in Bryant Woods, supported alternating early closing rotation with all three pools.

Discussion: Wilde Lake Outdoor Pools Early Closing Rotation

  • Marty Oltmanns, CA Aquatics Director, explained the process and reasons for the early closing rotation schedule. Ms. Shulder noted that she would contact Town Center to get their input, since they use Running Brook Pool.

Streets for All Coalition

  • Mr. Santos recommended that there be some coordination with construction projects and incorporating this concept.
  • Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to join the Streets for All Howard County Coalition. All in favor.

FY2020 First Quarter Financial Report

  • Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Mr. Santos, to accept the FY2020 First Quarter Financial Report. All in favor.

Designate Rebecca Lopez-Powell as Bank Signator

  • Mr. Santos made a motion, seconded by Mr. Mowatt, to designate Rebecca Lopez-Powell as Bank Signator. All in favor.

Discussion: HCPSS Redistricting

  • Mr. Santos provided background information on the proposed changes for the Wilde Lake schools.  There will be BOE hearings regarding this issue. The Board decided not to take a position at this time but to support all Wilde Lake schools and promote positive information about the schools.

Columbia Council Rep: No report.

AC Liaison: A written report was submitted. Ms. Torres provided additional details.


Wilde Lake CARES:

Ms. Caplan spoke to John McCoy about replacing trees that were cut down at the pools. She will follow up with Marty Oltmanns.

Education: Mr. Santos reported that he is trying to get all PTA presidents together to coordinate events. .

Health and Wellness: Ms. Torres reported that the free yoga class on National Night Out was a success.  There will be a Zumba class at the picnic.

Neighborhood Reps: Mr. Mowatt attended the cookout at the Vista apartments.

Manager: Ms. Shulder reminded the Board about volunteering for the picnic on September 14.

Chair: Mr. McAliley reported that there will be a HCPSS community event at Wilde Lake High School on September 25. He will be participating at the Board of Realtors bus tour along with Barbara Kellner.

  • Mr. Santos made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to adjourn the meeting at 9:00pm. All in favor.


Submitted by

Carole Black

Board Secretary


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