Village Board Meeting August 5, 2019


A regular meeting of the Wilde Lake Village Board was called to order by Kevin McAliley, Chair,on August 5, 2019 at 6:30pm at Slayton House, Columbia, Maryland. Members present were Kevin McAliley, Chair; Stephen Mowatt, Vice Chair, Bess Caplan, Laura Torres, Nancy McCord, Columbia Council Rep; Kristin Shulder, Village Manager, and Carole Black, Board Secretary. Bill Santos was absent. Also present were Kevin Minney, WLHS Boosters, and Carl McKinney, Covenant Advisor.

  • Mr. Mowatt made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to approve the agenda for August 5, 2019. All in favor.
  • Mr. Mowatt made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres,  to approve the minutes of July 1, 2019. All in favor.
SPECIAL GUEST: Kevin Minney, WLHS Boosters
  • Mr. Minney provided information about the Boosters’ Corporate Sponsorship program. He asked the Board to consider becoming a corporate sponsor.

Resident Speakout

There were no residents who wished to speak out.


Request to Terminate Litigation: 10395 Green Mountain Circle

  • Mr. McKinney noted that the property owners have corrected violations.
  • Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Mr. Mowatt, to terminate the litigation for 10395 Green Mountain Circle. All in favor.

Request for 15-Day Notice/ARC Resolution: 10316 Wilde Lake Terrace

  •  Ms. Torres made a motion, seconded by Ms. Caplan, to send a 15-Day Notice/ARC Resolution for 10316 Wilde Lake Terrace. All in favor.

Cul-de-Sac Beautification Application-Woodward Gardens

  • Ms. Torres made a motion, seconded by Ms. Caplan, to approve the application and reimbursement for Woodward Gardens. All in favor.

Request for Operation Funds – Refinish Dance Studio Floor

  • Mr. Mowatt made a motion, seconded by Ms. Caplan, to approve funds, conditional on getting a warranty, for the refinishing of the dance studio floor. All in favor.

Discussion: Neighborhood Centers

  • Ms. Shulder provided information about the Wilde Lake neighborhood centers. The CA Board will be making decisions about neighborhood centers soon.

Input for FY2021/FY2022 CA Budgets

  • The Board would like more pet waste stations with compostable bags. There was a question about funding for a new wading pool at the Swim Center. Village input is due by September 6.

WLHS Boosters Request for Sponsorship

  • Ms. McCord made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres to donate $500 for a sponsorship for WLHS Boosters program. All in favor.



Columbia Council Rep: No report.

AC Liaison: A written report was submitted. Ms. Torres provided additional details.


Wilde Lake CARES:

Ms. Caplan reported that she is working on ideas to approach merchants about not using plastic straws, bags and cups.  The plant exchange is coming up and there will be a fall clean up.

Education: The meeting on redistricting is tentatively scheduled for August 19.

Health and Wellness: Ms. Torres reminded everyone about the free outdoor yoga class on National Night Out on August 6.

Neighborhood Reps: Mr. Mowatt will attend the cookout at the Vista apartments.

Manager: Ms. Shulder noted that the new sculpture has been installed in front of Slayton House.

Chair: No report.

  • Ms. Torres made a motion, seconded by Ms. Caplan, to adjourn the meeting at 8:35pm. All in favor.


Submitted by

Carole Black

Board Secretary

Approved 09/09/19

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