A regular meeting of the Wilde Lake Village Board was called to order by Jeff Friedhoffer, Vice Chair, on March 5, 2018 at 6:30pm at Slayton House, Columbia, Maryland. Members present were Kevin McAliley, Chair (arrived at 7pm); Jeff Friedhoffer, Vice Chair (left at 8:15pm); Bess Caplan; Wulah Cooper; Laura Torres; Nancy McCord, Columbia Council Rep; and Kristin Shulder, Village Manager. Also present were Anne Swartz, Principal of Wilde Lake Middle School; Kathy Boschulte, Karl Sickerdick; and Julia Singleton, District 4 County Council Assistant.

  • A request was made to add Anne Swartz as a special guest.
  • Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to approve the amended agenda for March 5, 2018. All in favor.
  • Ms. Torres made a motion, seconded by Mr. Cooper, to approve the minutes of February 5, 2018. All in favor.
Special Guest:  Anne Swartz, Principal, Wilde Lake Middle School
  • Ms. Swartz talked about student needs at the middle school.  Some students have limited computer access at home.  Board members shared some ideas about where to get used computers.  There are several end of school year activities and celebrations which can be costly for students.  Funding for those activities would be appreciated.  She invited the Board to attend two upcoming events:  Taste of Soul, March 23 and Field Day, May 4.
Special Guest: Genie Wessel, Wilde Lake Representative, CA Senior Advisory Committee
  • Ms. Wessel reported on the last SAC meeting.  The new Columbia Archives manager attended the SAC meeting.  Ms. Wessel purchased a copy of “Oh, You Must Live in Columbia” for Slayton House.  She created Street Light Guidelines and Procedures.
Resident Speakout

There were no residents who wished to speak out.


*Donation Request:  WLHS Student Government Association

  • Kathy Boschulte who is a member of the WLHS PTSA, explained that Mr. Wilson (WLHS Principal) encouraged the SGA to plan a community clean up event.  As an incentive to participate, they would like to offer t-shirts and pizza to volunteers.  She is looking into the cost of the t-shirts.  They are planning for approx. 50 participants.  Board members told Ms. Boschulte about the March 24 Columbia Cleanup Day event.  She will talk to Mr. Wilson about changing the date and will keep the Board posted.

*FY2018 3rd Quarter Financial Report

  • Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Ms. Cooper, to approve the FY2018 3rd Quarter Report as presented. All in favor.

*Donations to Wilde Lake Schools

  • Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres to donate $200 to WLHS SGA for the community clean-up event and $1,000 to the PTSA to use at its discretion.  All in favor.
  • Mr. McAliley made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to donate $500 to RBES for the spring fair, $500 to RBES PTSA for a buddy bench and $500 to use at its discretion.  All in favor.
  • Mr. Friedhoffer made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to donate $2,000 to WLMS PTSA. All in favor.

Mr. McAliley will reach out to BWES to find out what their funding needs are.

*Health and Wellness Committee Charter

  • Board members recommended a change to the functions of the committee.
  • Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Mr. McAliley, to approve the charter as modified.  All in favor.

*County Executive FY2019 Budget Request

  • Mr. McAliley made a motion, seconded by Mr. Friedhoffer, to submit the December 7 testimony again (online).  All in favor.

Columbia Council Representative

  • The CA budget was passed at the last meeting.  Ms. McCord had funds for new signs for Wilde Lake removed from the budget.  She wants the Village Board to review and approve any changes in the Village signs.

AC Liaison- A written report is attached to the minutes.

Committee Reports

  • Education: no report
  • Wilde Lake CARES –Ms. Caplan asked everyone to spread the word about the plant exchange on April 29.  CA is donating 10 trees to give away to Wilde Lake residents.  WLCA will provide mulch and tree protectors.  Ms. Caplan is working on Green Up! Wilde Lake campaign and how to engage the community.  Howard EcoWorks was awarded the CBT grant to assist Wilde Lake HOAs with rain gardens.

Manager- A written report was submitted

  • Ms. Shulder informed the Board that the Slayton House plaza renovations will begin March 26.  She also briefed the Board on the Management contract negotiations.  Specifically, CA has proposed changing “assessment share” to “Annual Village Grant”.  Ms. Shulder explained the history of the assessment share, i.e. that a business decision was made for CA to collect the assessment share on behalf of the Villages with CA acting as the pass through.  No reason for  the change has been provided and the change was not discussed with the Village Managers.

Chair – No report.

  • Since there were no objections, the meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.


Submitted by

Carole Black

Board Secretary

Approved 03/19/18