Village Board Meeting, December 19, 2022

Wilde Lake Village Board Meeting

December 19, 2022


A virtual meeting of the Wilde Lake Village Board was called to order by Kevin McAliley, Chair, on December 19, 2022, at 6:31 p.m., in a Zoom meeting. Members present were Kevin McAliley, Tina Horn, Vice Chair; Chuck Yarbrough, Steve Campbell, and Sharon Cooper-Kerr.

APPROVAL OF AGENDA A motion was made by Mr. Campbell to add a discussion about bylaw changes related to the Village Election to the agenda. Ms. Horn made a motion to approve the agenda as adopted. Mr. Yarbrough seconded the motion. All in favor.


*Confirm/Announce/Welcome new Wilde Lake Executive Director/Village Manager, Sharon Cooper-Kerr: Mr. McAliley made a motion to approve Sharon Cooper-Kerr as the new Executive Director/Village Manager at the Wilde Lake Community Association. Ms. Horn seconded the motion. All in favor.

*Appointment: Village Board Vacancy: Mr. McAliley mentioned that an application for Village Board was submitted by Kondi Walters-Smith. Ms. Walters-Smith has been active in the Wilde Lake community leading neighborhood advocacy efforts related to fencing and trees in collaboration with the Columbia Association and Howard County Government. She is interested in health and wellness and has served as a business leader and entrepreneur during her career. A motion was made by Mr. McAliley to appoint Ms. Walters-Smith to fill the vacant Board position. Mr. Campbell seconded the motion. All in favor.

*Discuss and vote on FY23 Second Quarter Financials: The second quarter financial report was reviewed as presented by Deborah Herman, CPA. Financial committee co-chairs Steven Campbell and Chuck Yarbrough discussed variances which appear on the summary statement. Mr. Yarbrough made a motion to approve the budget as submitted. The motion was seconded by Steve Campbell and adopted. All in favor.

*Bylaws Update: Mr. Campbell initiated a discussion about amending the bylaws to allow for an increase in board members to seven or nine members. The board also discussed increasing the terms from one to three years. The suggested change in terms will allow for staggering board membership, preventing an annual election for each board seat. A conversation was held about making the voting process the same for homeowners and renters. Mr. Campbell indicated he would serve on a committee to review the bylaws. The committee may be comprised of community volunteers. Mr. Yarbrough made a motion to create a subcommittee to review the election process. Ms. Horn seconded the motion. All in favor.

The committee will begin in January and will continue to meet and plan throughout the year. The first phase will be completed before the 2023 election including adopting language to extend the term and lower the percentage of voters required to pass a bylaw. The task force will be charged with reviewing and adopting changes to the Wilde Lake Village Board. Mr. Yarbrough, Mr. Campbell, and Ms. Horn will work on creating language around the proposed bylaw changes for adoption by the subcommittee and voted on during the Village Board Election in spring 2023.

*Pest Management: Mr. McAliley mentioned touring Slayton House earlier in the day. Evidence of pest management was evident throughout the building as mice and insect traps were visible throughout the building. Ms. Cooper-Kerr will review the current pest management contract to understand the scope of the work and terms of the current contract to eradicate this issue.


ADJOURNMENT: Mr. McAliley made a motion to adjourn the meeting at approximately 7:22 p.m. Ms. Horn seconded the motion. All in favor.


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