Residential Exterior Alteration Application

This application is submitted for any alternations that materially changes the exterior appearance of your property. You can pick up an application at the front desk at Slayton House, or click on the link at the right to download it.  Completed applications may be dropped off, mailed to, or faxed(410-730-6695) to Slayton House, or scanned and emailed to the Covenant Advisor ( If your property is part of a Homeowners’ Association, it is necessary for the HOA to approve or acknowledge your application.  Incomplete applications cannot be processed and will be returned.

Specific requirements vary by project, but generally, applications should include a site plan, description of materials, color samples, and drawings (including dimensions) to assist the Architectural Committee in visualizing your exterior alteration.  Please refer to the Architectural Guidelines (link is at the right)  for the type of project you are proposing.  Simple repairs do not usually need Architectural Committee approval.  However, if the repair projects will involve a change in color, materials, or style then you must apply for AC approval.  The Covenant Advisor will be happy to answer any questions as you prepare your application.