WLCA Notice of Annual Meeting

An Annual Meeting and election will be held on April 23, 2022, from 10:00AM to 1:00PM at Slayton House, 10400 Cross Fox Lane, Columbia, MD  21044. In establishing a ten percent (10%) quorum for the holding of the Annual Meeting, if the number of members represented in person or by proxy is insufficient, another meeting may be called as authorized by Section 11B-111(6) of the Maryland Homeowners Association Act. By a majority vote, the members present, either in person or represented by proxy, may call an additional meeting which shall occur not less than 15 days after the Annual Meeting by giving ten (10) days’ notice of the time, place, and purpose of the Continued Annual Meeting.

Notice shall be by posting on the homepage of the Association’s website. Additionally, the Association shall provide notice by electronic mail to those who have signed up to receive electronic communications. At the Continued Annual Meeting, the members present either in person or by proxy, shall constitute a quorum and may approve the election of the Wilde Lake representative to the Columbia Council and may approve or authorize any action which could have been taken had a sufficient number of members been present in person or by proxy at the Annual Meeting. The Continued Annual Meeting will be held at Slayton House, 10400 Cross Fox Lane, Columbia, MD 21044 (or virtually or by hybrid method) at 7:00PM on May 16, 2022.

For more information, visit the Village Election page.

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