Columbia Council Rep Report

CA Board Work Session November 8, 2018

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Resident Speakout

  • Chris Aleva spoke about a variety of areas that are being considered by the Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning.  The Royal Farms issue is being appealed and will be heard again in January.  The traffic light on Snowden River near Lincoln Tech is on hold.
  • Brian England said that with all the changes happening in Columbia, his concern is that we maintain Columbia’s specialness.
  • Amy Gallagher spoke about the issues at Longfellow Neighborhood Center.  Mold was discovered in the building in late August.  CA was called in mid-September.  Since then CA has worked to remediate the problem but the school needs to have a space for the 30 children that attend the school.  The school was moved to River Hill but because of the increased rent, needs to move again. They will move to Talbot Springs Neighborhood Center soon.  In the meantime, because of the mold, the school has lost about 1,000 books, rugs, and other items they need for the children.  This has been a very expensive experience for the school.
  • Alan Klein spoke about the Longfellow Neighborhood Center.  He spoke on behalf of the Harper’s Choice Village Board.  He said HCCA is subsidizing the school but would like CA to help.

 Work Session Topics:  Howard County Phase 2 Land Development Regulations Assessment – Outparcels

Jeff Bronow and Amy Gowan from Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning spoke to the Board about outparcels.  In Columbia, there are 36 zoning categories which include a number of outparcels.  The majority are residential and include Allview, Beaverbrook, Sewells Orchard, and Blandair Park.   Commercial outparcels include Gateway, Clarksville, HCC, HCGH, and smaller commercial outparcels.

Columbia has a population of 105,533 as of last night.  There are approx. 42,000 housing units.  Outparcels make up 4,990 acres.  Out of that 43% is residential, parks are 21%, undeveloped residential is 7% and 2% is non-residential.

NT zoning covers 80% of the land in Columbia.

Jane Dembner asked what the Board sees as problems between the outparcels and NT zoned properties.  Signage and aesthetics seem to be the two most obvious differences between NT and outparcels.

Work Session Topics:  Discussion of the Most Recent Development Tracker 

The development process involves: 1. Pre-submission meetings, 2. Design Advisory Panel review, 3. Submission of plans and 4. Planning Board review.

On November 13, at 6:30 pm at Oakland Manor, the concept plan for changes to the northern end of the lakefront area will be presented.

There are 24 attached 55+ homes planned adjacent to Kings Contrivance Village (Eden Brook and Guilford Road).

It is anticipated another 55+ plan will be presented, Jordan Overlook, near Oakland Mills at Canvasback and Mellonbrook.

There is concern there are too many items planned at the lakefront core, i.e. the Veterans Memorial, a children’s playground, and a pavilion on .6 acre just outside the windows of the Haven.  The parcel is too small for so much to be packed into this space.

Work Session Topics:  Capital Projects and Open Space Updates

Dennis Mattey, CA Director Open Space and Facilities Services, showed the Board the work the Open
Space crew has been doing.  Bridges have been rebuilt and the concrete outside the Swim Center has been done by CA. The subcontractor that had been hired couldn’t get the job done well.  The Open Space crew was able to do the work.

Work Session Topics:  Four Easement Requests from Howard County

The County has requested easements in various locations, including pathways adjacent to schools and areas surrounding ponds that the County is willing to maintain in the future.  This will save CA a lot of money going forward.

CA has approved the Chrysalis pathway. A playground is expected to be built near this pathway that will begin at the corner of Little Patuxent Parkway and South Entrance Road.  There is no date yet when the playground will be part of the park.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.    There is only one CA Board meeting this month and in December.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions or concerns.

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Nancy McCord

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