Columbia Council Rep Report

CA Board Virtual Meeting July 23, 2020

CA Board of Directors Meeting

July 23, 2020

Nancy’s Notes


Resident Speak Out

Kurt Blodgett spoke about the gyms.  He is part of the 5 am group at his gym.  There is no enforced mask policy at the gym he attends.  Staff wear them all the time but there are others that do not wear them, or wear them as a chin strap.  He is concerned about staff policing the members.  CDC says wearing a cloth covering is critical. No one is doing anything so intensive that they cannot wear a mask.  He is concerned that Covid-19 positive people can cause outbreaks of the virus.  He wants us to not allow anyone to use the facilities without a mask.  There is no sanitizing of hands and no temperatures taken.  We need to be more proactive here to see to it that our users are safe.  We don’t want to close down again.   We need to make sure that everyone is using a mask.  20 people can be put in the free weight area of the Columbia Gym and not wear their masks.  This is not comfortable for him, nor should anyone be comfortable at this time with the knowledge we have of the virus lingering in the air.

Rosalind Deighner is new to Columbia area.  This is her first meeting.  She has a question regarding the budget for 2020.  Technology supplies and expenses were much higher than in 2019.  In addition insurance and taxes were higher.  She wanted to know why these costs jumped.

Steve Snelgrove, President of the hospital, wants to clear up misinformation regarding the lights at Symphony of Lights.  He feels that the lawsuit is damaging this drive thru event.  Given the time of year, a walk thru event could lead to disappointment.   In the past, it was done with cooperation with the hospital, CA, and Merriweather.  Change began in 2015 when the hospital replaced and refreshed lights at a cost of $500,000.  Apparently, the Inner Arbor Trust was no longer willing to allow the SOL to continue.  Last year, the hospital asked a group to run the event and the hospital would receive a donation.  The hospital received $75,000 last year.

Mr. Snelgrove said the hospital made $75,000. In 2019.  He said the hospital would no longer manage the SOL after 2018.  He said there was a two year search to find a location that could hold the SOL.  There was no luck finding a location.  He said that 2019 was a one-time event.  He didn’t know what the plan was but he is aware of the amount they had received.  The hospital still owns the lights.

Budget Schedule for the FY22 Budget

The Board approved the schedule for the FY22 budget.

Discussion: Use of Masks at Gyms

There was a discussion about using masks in the gym.  The clubs insist people wear masks as they come in the club.  They get a spray bottle and towel.  It was suggested they also sterilize their hands.  Some said they feel people should have to wear masks at all times.  Others say it’s difficult to use masks when using equipment or the pools.  People do not use the masks at these times  Others say people will rebel if they have to keep their masks on.  One suggestion was to have “mask only” times at the gyms for those more comfortable with people who wear masks.

Some feel all is well as it is.   It is an emotional issue for people.   Will people quit the gyms if they have to use the masks or if everyone isn’t using a mask?   It is important that we make our members comfortable.  Apparently, the staff at the gyms is taking precautions and making sure masks are worn unless the individuals are on the bikes or other strenuous equipment.    There was a suggestion to create a time for mask only use to make people feel more comfortable and safe.

There are about over 220 Clippers, swimmers, back in the pools.    The number keeps growing.  Swim classes filled up immediately. Kids space is working on finding times to give parents a break.  Further information will be forthcoming.  It is planned through the fall.

A new marketing director has just been hired and will be in place by beginning of August.  We are also in the process of hiring a communications chief very soon.  The department was recently decimated when the director left in December and another department person left unexpectedly as well soon thereafter.

CA is working toward building a department of both marketing and communications.

A member of the community asked me to look into allowing him to be able to exercise with seniors because he has diabetes and is at higher risk of Covid-19 just as our seniors are.   There was a discussion and people asked that we do some research first before we can make a decision on this.  The Board normally takes the month of August off but because of the pandemic and changing situations, we will be meeting later in August this year.   I hope we are able to get more information so we can help this individual.

I wish you all good health and a quick path to a good vaccine.



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