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CA Board Meeting September 24, 2020

Columbia Association Board of Directors Meeting

September 24, 2020

NANCY’S NOTES (Click here for the meeting agenda and packet.)

The CA Board continues to meet virtually.  Archived meetings are available to view on the CA website.

The Board was introduced to Dannika Rynes who is CA’s new communications/media relations manager.

Board Votes:  Parameters for operating and capital budgets

The capital budget is expected to be $8,000,000 and only for safety and emergency repairs.

It is suggested that net assets increase by $35,000.  This signifies that CA plans not to operate in the red.  Some were concerned more is being promised than what can be delivered.  Revenue would exceed expenses by $35,000.  The Board moved and approved increasing net assets by $35,000.

The proposed capital budget is not adequate for the vast array of physical assets that CA currently owns.  It will likely take years to return to where the capital budget had been prior to the pandemic.  This is thr staff recommendation for the FY2022 budget.

Board Votes:  Annual Charge rate and cap 

The Board discussed the annual charge and the importance of the outdoor pools.  It is a difficult juggling act to assure there is sufficient dollars to provide all the services people expect from CA.   Raising the annual charge from $.68 to $.69 per hundred of assessed value, would add on average $20 per household per year.   That would provide $640,000 to CA.   However, CA understands that many people are suffering during this difficult time and does not choose to add to people’s burdens.   There was a long discussion and the Board agreed to keep the annual charge rate at $.68 per hundred.

Board Votes:  Guidance for Membership Rates for Fiscal Year 2022

The staff has recommended raising rates to market rates for non-Columbia members and increase Columbia residents 2-3%.   There was discussion about how people feel about using CA facilities.  The Board also talked about setting a limit on how much annual charge offsets cost for facilities.  CA needs to put in place a proposal that the fitness clubs and facilities should do a better job sustaining themselves.   This is not the year to do it.  CA wants to simply become sustainable again in the next two years or three years.   Sports and Fitness includes the tennis clubs, golf course, swim center, 23 outdoor pools, three fitness clubs, ice rink, Haven on the Lake, and the outdoor sports park.


After lengthy discussion, the Board voted to increase membership rates for non-residents.  Columbia residents can expect a 2-3% increase in their membership rates.

Board Votes:  Parameters for a new Reserve Fund

Staff recommends paying back $1 million of the $3 million that was borrowed from the general liability reserve fund due to the pandemic this year.  The FY2022 budget will be approximately $55 million.  Because of the line of credit $3 million must be set aside.  This money cannot be used for other purposes.  The Board is considering a reserve or rainy day fund in spite of the fact these are difficult days to provide the reserve fund.   The Board approved the staff recommendation to create a rainy day fund.

Board Votes:  Policy for e-scooters

The Board discussed the e-scooters contract.  The vendor can control the areas the scooters can travel.

We lost connection during the meeting.  I was unable to get back in.  When I phoned in, others also lost connections.   Hopefully, in October, we can complete the items we didn’t get to.

Everyone please remember to vote!  Your Vote Matters!   Many started receiving their ballots today if they ordered absentee ballots via email.   But if you haven’t registered, there is still time!   Please register and VOTE!

Enjoy these cooler days.


Nancy McCord

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