Columbia Council Rep Report

CA Board Meeting May 24, 2018

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Columbia Association Board of Directors Meeting

May 24, 2018


Recognition of the Recipients of the Maggie J. Brown Spirit of Columbia Scholarship Awards

The Maggie Brown Spirit of Columbia scholarship awards students for exceptional service to the Columbia community.  2018 recipients are:  Tobias Eegholm, Evan Elshafei, Madelyn Harris, Sophie Shen, Andrea Orpia (WLHS) and Madeline Ives (WLHS).

Resident Speakout

  • Brian England spoke about the industrial parks and the covenants. The owners in Guildford Industrial Park want CA to take over the covenants but it’s been a disaster. There is currently no enforcement of the covenants.  Brian brought the guidelines that explain how to enforce the covenants.  He has been asking CA to take this on.  It’s time that the rules are enforced.
  • Chris Alleva says at least 50% of the owners needed to allow oversight. They are asking CA to take on the oversight of the Guilford Office and Industrial Park.  Brian England is getting signatures of owners on an amendment to allow CA to take on responsibility of the area which includes 155 acres.  The properties are all subject to the CA annual charge.
  • Ginger Scott spoke about the Fairway Golf Course behind her house. She is asking for the closing of 9 or even 18 holes.
  • Joel Hurewitz spoke about the Guilford storage building.

Chairman’s Remarks

Calendar of upcoming events is posted on the CA website with the Board packet.

President’s Report

There was discussion about the Downtown Partnership hosting an election forum.  There is no word at this time when and if it will happen.

Report from the CA Representatives to the Inner Arbor Trust Board of Directors

IAT has developed a number of programs especially for children.  It appears the Chrysalis will be well used by people of all ages.  There are lots of things to look forward to there.  Be sure to follow what is happening so you can enjoy the upcoming programs with your family and friends.

The IAT is working on the pathway system with CA and the county.  It will be presented to the CA board once a plan is finalized.

IAT and the hospital have partnered again to do Symphony of Lights this year.

Board Discussion:

Proposed Membership of the Climate Change and Sustainability Advisory Committee

CA received 24 resumes from residents to join this committee as volunteers. The potential members are highly educated and have great experience in this arena.

There are a couple PhDs, engineers, psychologists, etc. that have a number of skills that will assist this committee work to its highest level.   CA staff is asking to have 13 members on the committee raising it from the charter that currently calls for 11 members.

Royal Farms Proposed Site Development Plan

Regulations require motor vehicle fueling facilities require that 20% of site has to be landscaped.  There are various regulations about distance from streams and rivers, and from schools or adult care facilities.

The Royal Farms owner wants a sign on the site that would be six feet high and fourteen feet wide. The sign would include costs of gas and other items.

It was asked what the setback will be from the street since Snowden River Parkway is going to be widened.   Also there will be bikers and a walking path.  It is hoped that there will be sufficient set back from the street to easily allow for the needed space for users of pathway.

Gateway, Snowden River Corridor, and related surrounding area that include industrial areas will be planned soon.  The county hopes to start the work on these areas in the next 18 months. The study isn’t funded now but the county hopes to have it funded for FY20.

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Enjoy the holiday weekend!  Nancy