Columbia Council Rep Report

CA Board Meeting May 14, 2020

The pandemic continues and so does our need to do virtual meetings.  Please
don’t hesitate to contact me at the email address below my signature with
your concerns or questions.

Three meetings took place this evening:

Annual Meeting of the Directors of Columbia Association

There was discussion about Resident Speak Out before the actual meeting and agenda was approved. 

The  Board then approved election of the 10 members of the Board
of Directors of the CA.

1.Organizational Meeting of the CA Board of Directors

Election of Chair –

Andy Stack  and  Ginny Thomas were nominated.  Ginny didn’t want her name put forward.  Andy was named Board Chair.

Election of Vice Chair

Ginny Thomas takes on the 2nd year as Vice Chair.

There was discussion about the role of the chair and the fact that Andy has been chair for 8 years.  He has done a great job.  He is extremely knowledgeable about CA and how it functions.  But sadly it means other Board members lean on him and he thus assumes more power as we move along.  The Board needs to be responsible for some of the jobs.  The chair wants help for the organization, the community and the staff.  It is up to the Board members to lean in and take steps to take leadership over the next year.

2. Board Committees

Audit – Dick Boulton, Renee Dubois and Janet Evans

Risk Management – Nancy McCord, Lin Eagan, Jess Duvall

Board Operations Committee

June 1: Shari Zaret and Renee Dubois

Sept. 1: Jess Duvall and Lin Eagan

Nov 30: Janet Evans and Alan Klein

Mar 1: Nancy McCord and Dick Boulton

Liaison to Committees

Inner Arbor Trust:  Janet Evans and Lin Eagan will serve again on the Trust board.

Officers of the Columbia Association

President: Milton Matthews

Vice President and Secretary: Susan Krabbe

Treasurer: Mary Lunn Schwartz

Assistant Secretary: Don Van Deusen

Aquatics:Nancy McCord

Climate: Ginny Thomas

Art Center: Janet Evans

Golf and Greens: LinEagan

Health and Fitness: Dick Boulton

IT: Andy Stack

Multi – Cultural: Alan Klein

Millennial: Shari Zaret

Senior Advisory: Renee Dubois

Teen and Middle School: Jess Duvall

Tennis: Nancy McCord

Watershed: Shari Zaret

Approval of Schedule of Meetings for FY2021

The calendar was approved for the year.  We will have work sessions the 2nd Thursday of the month and meetings when votes are taken on the 4th Thursday of the month.  There is  a meeting planned for Aug 20. Generally we do not meet in August but because of the financial issues due to the pandemic, there will be a meeting. We will have ONE meeting in November
and in December.  A work session and meeting will be held on the same evening.

The Board discussed the issue of getting money to the Villages.  Milton has said that he will talk to each village if they have questions.  He says we have a cash flow problem.  He insists he will work with villages individually.  It was suggested that communication is critical.  CA needs to communicate with the villages and assure them the money will be there and when.  Rather than paying quarterly, maybe they can pay monthly.  The villages need their money to pay their bills.  It is an obligation of CA to pay them by mid-May. 

Phase 1 allows the golf and tennis facilities to open.  There are rules about using the facilities including golfers and tennis players.   

The facilities will open in phase 2.  We don’t know what the timeline will be for phase 2.  Plans are being established for when that happens. 

3. Columbia Council Meeting

There was a good deal of conversation about the fact that no one can locate a Columbia Council Charter.  There will be a search for a document. 

The IT department will find a way to allow up to 250 people access video as well as audio.  We also need to find an easier way for Resident Speak Out. 

The Chair and Vice Chair are the same as for the Board of Directors,  Andy Stack and Ginny Thomas respectively. 

Please Stay well everyone.  If you have concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  Our next planned meeting will be May 28, 2020.   We had a discussion about having additional meetings during the crisis we now face. 

Nancy McCord

[email protected]