Columbia Council Rep Report

CA Board Meeting March 26, 2020

Columbia Association Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, March 26, 2020


(Click here for the agenda and background material.)


The CA Board and senior staff met via remote technology because of COVID-19.

There was no resident speak out. However, residents were welcome to send questions or information to the Board at [email protected].

It was challenging to do notes while also participating in the meeting but it was shortened meeting.  My notes are below.  Your questions or concerns are always welcome.  My email is at the bottom if these notes.  Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

The state has approved public day care sites for necessary personnel who need care for their children while the parents work at necessary positions. CA may become a day care site for these parents.   The Board will receive an update regarding this soon.

This situation is new to all of us.  CA has a few people working in the office and a few are at the maintenance facility.  Some are working from home.  Everyone will be paid their full pay on April 10 and 75% of their pay on April 24. Future changes are expected.   Senior staff will take a 50% cut in pay beginning with their April 24 paycheck.

CA chose not to bill memberships on March 18 nor school age services on April 3. No one knows how long this will last.   CA has very little cash coming in at this time.  The organization has a line of credit and projects how much is needed each month.  A request was made to increase our line of credit but are not able to.   In the meantime the current bills need to be covered.  The line of credit is unsecured and paid off when the annual charge funds are received in July.  CA staff is working with another lender to replace the existing line of credit with new financing, which is needed to make future payrolls.  This must be the first priority.   One month of payroll is $2.3 million.  Rent, utilities, capital expenses must also be paid.  CA departments are updating their budgets needed for the remainder of the FY20, which ends April 30, 2020. CA has already cut spending and is working hard on further reductions.

We do not know how long the sports and fitness facilities will be closed. Further information about memberships will be forthcoming.  The intention is to not bill people for the time CA is closed. But until this is over, no promises can be made.   This is a fluid situation.  None of us have ever experienced anything like this.  We don’t know what will happen when we reopen.  Everyone is working hard so that CA can open again.  Many adjustments and sacrifices are being made.  Your understanding about this is appreciated.

A motion was made to waive the 3 reading rule so that the Board can vote on a financial request.  The Board also voted to approve the borrowing of the funds needed with a required majority of 3/4 of the Board.  In April, CA will revisit the budget that was just approved last month.  The situation has changed dramatically.  Therefore, promises made in February may not come true as planned.

There was discussion about the election that would take place the end of April for Village Board members and CA reps.  Wilde Lake will not have an election because the Village Board only has 2 people who plan – at this time- to serve as Village Board members and I don’t have anyone running against me.

Other Villages have made other arrangements.  Check with your Village to determine if your Village is effected by the election.

This is a difficult time for many.  But we have survived many things in the past, and for the most part, we will survive this.  Things may change because of it, but hopefully we too have changed and realize what really matters in this world.  Social distancing is difficult.  But not distancing can be catastrophic.  Please be safe.  This will end and life will go on.



Nancy McCord

[email protected]