Columbia Council Rep Report

CA Board Meeting April 22, 2021

Columbia Association Board of Directors Meeting

April 22, 2021

NANCY’S NOTES (Click here for the meeting agenda and packet.)

This is the last meeting of this fiscal year.  There was a ceremony to bid farewell and thanks to Milton Matthews, Columbia Association, President/CEO who will retire at the end of this month.

Board Votes: Reserve Fund Policy and Program

There was discussion about the emergency reserve fund that the Board voted to put in place.  There are several questions about how to manage this account.  The Board voted to have the majority of the Board approve the use of these funds.   The Board is working to provide policies governing these emergency funds.   The Board along with Susan Krabbe, Columbia Association, Vice President/CFO discussed various ways the emergency funds can be used.  There will be regular reports to the Board at least quarterly about the activity of the fund.

This new fund is expected as of now to grow to about $12 million by 2026.   The Board votes by majority to allocate emergency funds.  The Board considered the emergency policy for nearly 90 minutes.   A new amendment was added that said 2/3 vote by the Board will approve use of the funds.  Finally, the emergency fund was approved by the Board.

Board Votes:  Resolution re: Final Village Contingency Fund Payment and Additional FY2021 Annual Charge Share

The Villages will be receiving the annual charge share from CA that had been reduced because of the pandemic.  They will also get the final payment from the former contingency fund.  The proposal regarding the villages funding is approved.

Board Discussion: “End-of-the-Fiscal Year” Wrap-Up – Where CA was on May 1, 2020 and Where CA is on April 22, 2021

The customer service team responded to over 20,000 emails and 28,000 phone calls.  They were extremely busy.

On March 30, 2020 there were 1,413 COVID cases in Maryland.  1,046 CA team members on payroll.    Gov. Hogan made the stay-at-home plea.   Open Space team returned to work.  Spring was on its way.  Everything the open space workers touched was a concern for themselves and their families. 11 pedestrian bridges were constructed.  There was a record amount of trash collected over the year as people enjoyed the open space pathways and lakes.

On June 19 there were 63,000 cases of COVID.  CA team members on payroll was 298.  Clyde’s closed after 45 years on the lakefront. Tennis classes were at 95% for adults and juniors.  High enrollment in USTA leagues.  Most demand for private and semi- private lessons in three years. More golf was played in 2020 than in 2019.

On Sept 8, 2020, there were 108,000 COVID cases in Maryland.  712 CA team members. There is a new archivist at CA who is working to digitize as much as possible from the collection. This is critical and much appreciated work.

On December 3, 2020, COVID up to 205,000.   CA team members at 644.

On January 15, 2021, COVID cases at 320,000.  CA was looking forward to positive changes.   There were many changes for CA as we coped with the pandemic and the problems and complexities that we faced.  Staff is now at about 2/3 of what it had been just before the pandemic began.

On April 6, 2021, there were 419,000 COVID cases and 684 CA team members. The annual charge revenue is up.   As Mr. Rouse said, “What ought to be, can be.”

The Board was given the opportunity to say a few words about this past year.   I thanked people but I also want to thank the community of Wilde Lake for allowing me to be your representative to the CA council.  It has been an honor and privilege.

I also want to thank the Wilde Lake Board of Directors.  Each one gives so much time for the many people in our fair village.  Carl McKinney has done a great job as the Wilde Lake Covenant Advisor.  Keep up the good work.    I especially want to thank Kristin Shulder who is the Wilde Lake Village Manager.  We are so lucky to have her as our fearless leader.

I hope whoever replaces me will continue to write the notes.  Communication has been the most important issue for me therefore I wrote the notes.   I know the community has appreciated them.  Thank you to the community for your kind notes and phone calls.

Spring is here.  Don’t forget to vote Saturday.



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