Columbia Council Rep Report

CA Board Budget Work Session October 29, 2020

Columbia Association Board of Directors

Budget Work Session

October 29, 2020


This evening’s meeting focused solely on the budget. Click here for the meeting agenda and packet.

Resident Speakout

Alex Heikemian spoke about sports and fitness. He explained that 58% of respondents to a survey done several years ago said they joined CA because of the outdoor pools. Pools are only 12% of the income in sports and fitness. He explains that value should be established by the number of days open. Naturally, the pools are open for a much shorter time than other facilities. There is evidence, he says, that suggests the pools at least break even if not providing much more income.

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Discussion

The Board had questions about how valuations for the annual charge are determined. The answer is that the state determines values of properties for tax purposes. To be clear, the valuation for tax purposes is not the market value of a property.

Staff Recommended Major Capital Projects

The Board reviewed the FY2022 capital requests. There are four projects that will improve the community’s environmental standards including watershed improvements. Some of the funds from the projects will be shared by partners that the CA Open Space team has put together. Several million dollars are being saved while improving the community. That is a big win for all.

There is about $3.5 million proposed to replace roofs and do additional facility and open space work to keep Columbia looking good and working well.

CA is facility “heavy”. CA is not spending capital money on facilities except for what must be repaired or replaced for safety items. It will be over a year before money is put into facilities that do not require major work.

CA is working to maintain and reduce funding on capital items unless its critical. There had been plans to take a hard look at the tot lots but because of the pandemic, it has not happened. Dennis Mattey, Director of Open Space and Facilities Services suggests that the tot lots will be a long-term project. CA will be maintaining and repairing several tot lots, so they are safe for the children to use.


The Board asked about several issues that were not completely understood. One question included the village associations. Apparently, there are charges for marketing that is charged to village associations. Part of the cost of collecting the annual charge, and the resale packages, and marketing packets are included in these charges.

CA could be looking for more means of producing valuable relations with the villages and working with them to help the communities during these difficult times.

Enjoy the cooler days of fall and the beautiful colors of the leaves.


Nancy McCord

[email protected]