Village Board Meeting March 2, 2020


A regular meeting of the Wilde Lake Village Board was called to order by Kevin McAliley, Chair,on March 2, 2020, at 6:32pm at Slayton House, Columbia, Maryland. Members present were Kevin McAliley, Chair; Stephen Mowatt, Vice Chair, Bess Caplan, Bill Santos Laura Torres, Nancy McCord, Columbia Council Rep, Kristin Shulder, Village Manager, and Carole Black, Board Secretary. Also present were Marcy Leonard, Principal, Wilde Lake High School; Licia Gliptis, Running Brook Elementary School PTA, Suzanne Greenfield, Wilde Lake Middle School Arts Boosters; and Dr. Tushar Sura, Wilde Lake High School It’s Academic Club.


Ms. Caplan requested an addition to the agenda: Dates of April 2020 meetings.

Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to approve the amended agenda for March 2, 2020. All in favor.


Mr. Santos made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to approve the minutes of February 3, 2020. The motion carried 4 in favor, one abstention (Mr. Mowatt).

SPECIAL GUEST: Marcy Leonard, Principal, Wilde Lake High School

Ms. Leonard informed the Board of several initiatives at the school, including a food pantry, and a student support fund. Beginning April 25, the school will be open on Saturdays from noon – 5pm, for all WLHS students and families and students and families from feeder schools. The gym, weight room, media center and laundry facilities will be available. The school is partnering with Howard County government to provide a case manager to help students and their families apply for social services. The corner café (food pantry) will also be open on Saturdays. They are also working on health services such as flu shots, eye exams, etc. Volunteers will be needed to help build this “community”.

Resident Speakout

There were no residents who wished to speak out.


Request for Donation: Wilde Lake High School It’s Academic Club

Dr. Sura, the club’s advisor, explained that funds are needed to cover the cost of upcoming competitions. This request will be considered under year-end donations

Request for Donation: Running Brook Elementary School Fall Festival and 50th Birthday

Licia Gliptis, representing RBES PTA, is requesting $500 to help fund these events. This request will be considered under year end donations.

Request for Donation: WLHS PTSA After Prom Event

The request is for $500. This will be considered under year end donations.

Request for Donation: WLMS Arts Boosters

Susanne Greenfield, representing the Performing Arts Boosters, explained what the funds are needed for, including purchase and repair of instruments, performance rights for plays and scholarships for the Hershey Park trip. They are asking for $500 – $600. This request will be considered under year end donations.

FY2020 Third Quarter Financial Report

Ms. Torres made a motion, seconded by Ms. McCord to accept the Third Quarter Financial Report. All in favor.

Year- End Donations

Ms. Caplan proposed to give a total of $1000 for each of the 4 schools:

This would include the following:

$250 for WLHS It’s Academic Club

$250 for WLHS After Prom

$500 for WLMS Arts Boosters

$500 to WLMS PTSA

$500 for RBES Fall Festival

$500 for RBES PTA activities

$500 to Bryant Woods Elementary School

$100 to RBES Blessings in a Backpack

$100 to Food Service at BWES

Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Mr. Santos, to distribute the funds as stated. All in favor.

In addition, Ms. Shulder will contact Missy Mattey at HCC about donation to the endowment fund for scholarships.

Discussion: CA Annual Charge

The Board decided not to pursue this issue at this time.

Discussion: County Budget Requests

There will be a citizens’ hearing on March 12. Testimony was presented at the December budget hearing. There were no new requests.

April Village Board Meetings

The Board agreed not to hold a meeting on April 6. They will meet on April 20.

Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to cancel the Board meeting scheduled for April 6 and hold a meeting on April 20. All in favor.


Columbia Council Rep: Ms. McCord had no report.

AC Liaison: A written report was submitted. Ms. Torres provided additional details.


Wilde Lake CARES:

Ms. Caplan met with Susan Tucker, WL representative to the WAC. She is interested in coming to a future meeting to give a report.

March 21: Columbia Cleans Day

April 26: Pull and Plant

May 16: Plant exchange and tree giveaway.

Education: Mr. Santos had no additional education information.

Health and Wellness: Ms. Torres reported that 22 people have registered for the Plant-Based Eating Workshop on March 4. David’s is providing a basket for a raffle.

Neighborhood Reps: No report

Manager: Ms. Shulder reminded Board members that the nomination period for village elections ends March 11. The renovations to the theatre are going well.

Chair: Mr. McAliley reported that the BikeAbout will be held on May 9 and will include areas of Wilde Lake.


Ms. McCord made a motion, seconded by Ms. Caplan,

to adjourn the meeting at 8:50pm. All in favor.

Submitted by

Carole Black

Board Secretary

Approved 04/20/20

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