Village Board Meeting January 6, 2020


A regular meeting of the Wilde Lake Village Board was called to order by Kevin McAliley, Chair,on January 6, 2020, at 6:32pm at Slayton House, Columbia, Maryland. Members present were Kevin McAliley, Chair; Stephen Mowatt, Vice Chair, Bess Caplan, Bill Santos Laura Torres, Nancy McCord, Columbia Council Rep, Kristin Shulder, Village Manager, and Carole Black, Board Secretary. Also present were Judge John Kuchno, Howard County Circuit Court; Karen Hill, r Home Communities, Area Property Manager.

  • Ms. Shulder requested removing items 1 and 2 from the agenda.
  • Mr. Santos made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to approve the amended agenda for January 6, 2020.

Mr. Mowatt made a motion, seconded by Ms. Caplan, to approve the minutes of December 2, 2019. All in favor.

SPECIAL GUEST: Judge John Kuchno, Howard County Circuit Court

Judge Kuchno explain the levels of the Howard County Courts and provided information on the new courthouse, which is scheduled to be completed in July 2021. There will be many improvements in technology and a much larger building.

SPECIAL GUEST: Karen Hill, r Home Communities, Area Property Manager

Ms. Hill explained that there is an emphasis on security. The renovations to Roslyn Rise are waiting approval from the Zoning Board.

Resident Speakout

There were no residents who wished to speak out.


Appointment of the 2020 Village Election Chair

  • Mr. Santos made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to appoint Jeff Friedhoffer as the 2020 Village Election Chair. All in favor.

FY2020 Second Quarter Financial Report

  • Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Ms. McCord, to accept the FY2020 Second Quarter Financial Report. All in favor.

Discussion: Neighborhood Block Parties

The Board discussed possible locations for block parties and possible dates, how to budget and structure the event. Mr. Mowatt will summarize the discussion and assign tasks.

Discussion: CA/ Village County Meeting on Neighborhood Centers

There will be a meeting on Thursday, January 16 to discuss this issue.


Columbia Council Rep: Ms. McCord noted that the neighborhood centers will be a major focus this year.

AC Liaison: A written report was submitted. Ms. Torres provided additional details.


Wilde Lake CARES:

Ms. Caplan reported that there will be events coming up, including a plant exchange and a pull and plant.

Education: Mr. Santos reported that he is working with the communities affected by the redistricting. Bryant Woods and Running Brook PTAs are working together to schedule a joint event.

Health and Wellness: Ms. Torres reported that there will be Reiki workshop on January 22.

Neighborhood Reps: No report

Manager: Ms. Shulder reported that the draft CA FY2021-2022 budget is available for review.

Chair:  no report

  • Ms. Caplan made a motion, seconded by Ms. Torres, to adjourn the meeting at 8:25pm. All in favor.


Submitted by

Carole Black

Board Secretary

Approved 02/03/20

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