Village Board Meeting: January 11, 2021

This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. Please email Kristin Shulder, Village Manager, at for login information if you would like to attend.

Call to order      (1 minute)

Approval of Agenda  ( 1 minute)

Approval of Minutes (12/07/2020)   (2 minutes)


Application for Exterior Alteration for Non-Residential Properties Pre-Submission Presentation

Applicant: Enterprise Community Development, Inc.

Project: Roslyn Rise Redevelopment       (25 minutes)

 Resident Speakout       (15 minutes) 

ORDER OF BUSINESS                                                                                                                    
  1. *Appoint 2021 Village Election Chair   (10 minutes)
  2. Discussion: Bryant Woods Montessori Children’s House Lease Terms (10 minutes)
  3. Discussion: Proposed FY2022 Annual Charge Share            ( 10 minutes)

Columbia Council Rep  (5 minutes)

Committees      (10 minutes)

    • CARES
    • Education
    • Health & Wellness
    • Neighborhood Reps

AC Liaison  (5 minutes)

Manager      (5 minutes )          

Chair    (5 minutes)

ADJOURNMENT (no later than 8:15pm)

*Indicates action item


Mission Statement

To organize and operate a nonprofit civic organization, exclusively for the promotion of the health, safety,

common good and social welfare of the owners of property in, and the residents of, the Village of Wilde Lake.