Community Profile: Little Free Library in Wilde Lake 
Howard County is known for its first-class libraries.  But did you know that Wilde Lake enjoys a top shelf library that can be found right here in our Village? 
We do! 

Wilde Lake residents Andy and Katie Randolph have a Little Free Library located at the far end of Wilde Lake (not the dam side) on the path between Rivulet Row and Catterskill Court.  There is a locator map on

At any given time, about a dozen adult, six young adult and six children’s books are at this “take a book or leave a book” mini-library. Katie and Andy, having had the idea to bring such a library to Wilde Lake, were the original book donors and continue to be the “stewards”, rotating inventory in and out as needed. According to Katie, “we will put a call out on Facebook occasionally for donations, mostly for kid’s books… they go pretty fast!”

Katie notes that the “Little Free Library functions on the honor system; everyone contributes to ensure there are always quality books inside…and if the library is full, they can leave the books on our front porch.” They learned about neighborhood mini-libraries from their daughter and purchased this one from the Little Free Library organization. Hundreds of books have passed through Wilde Lake’s gem of a library since it was installed in 2015. For more pictures of Any and Katie’s wonderful addition to our community, you can check out #littlefreelibrarycolumbiamd on Instagram. Thank you Andy and Katie! Happy reading Wilde Lake!

Wilde Lake Profile:  Rock On, Bill!
Currently celebrating his 40th year at the Anthony Richard Barber Shop where he serves as manager, Bill Grady is a Wilde Lake institution.  Bill, known to many outside the shop as Grady, has heard many stories.  This is his.  
After serving in the Marine Corps, including a tour in Vietnam, Bill found his calling in multiple fields.  In addition to providing excellent haircuts (at very reasonable prices) at the shop, located in Wilde Lake’s Village Center, Bill is a musician who plays several instruments.  He belongs to a trio, “All About Memories” that performs in the area.   Occasionally, during the quieter moments when the shop first opens up, you can walk in and hear him playing the keyboards.  
A Columbia resident, Bill is a long-time practitioner of martial arts.  His main system is Aikido, a Japanese martial art.  Recently, he has also been practicing Kenpo.  
A man of many interests, when he is not at the shop or performing at a gig, Bill can be found riding his Harley, doing some woodworking, or playing chess.   
He says that he got the job at the Anthony Richard Barber Shop by responding to an ad, that he simply walked in and was hired shortly thereafter.  This author, a customer of the shop, believes that was a great hire!  
Bill is thrilled to be part of a Village that is, in his words, “coming back to life.”  Wilde Lake is equally thrilled that Bill continues to do excellent work in our community.