February 5, 2021

Wilde Lake Village Elections 2021!

The nomination period for the Wilde Lake Village Board opened on  Wednesday, February 17, 2021. The deadline to submit completed candidates’ packets is Wednesday, March 10 at 9pm.

Visit the Wilde Lake Village Elections 2021 page under the Village Board tab for more information.  Questions?  Contact Kristin Shulder, Village Manager at or Carole Black, Special Assistant at

Responsibilities of the Board of Directors

• Being familiar with WLCA’s mission, services, policies, programs and operations.
• Formulating policies for effective Association management.
• Adopting annual budget and providing fiscal oversight, including approving quarterly financial reports.
• Approving and ensuring compliance with the Management Contract between WLCA and the Columbia Association.
• Serving as the Architectural Committee.
• Advocating on behalf of Wilde Lake residents.
• Encouraging community engagement.
• Communicating with and obtaining input from Wilde Lake residents.
• Hiring and evaluating the Village Manager.

Responsibilities of Individual Directors
• Reviewing Board meeting background materials before meetings.
• Attending and actively participating in Board meetings.
• Being a member of at least one Board committee and submitting written monthly reports.
• Serving as AC Liaison (one member).
• Signing Acknowledgement of Fiduciary Responsibility.
• Reviewing WLCA’s Form 990 before its submission to the IRS.
• Acting in accordance with WLCA’s ethics and conflict of interest policies.
• Obtaining a Letter of Compliance.

Time Demands
• Monthly Board meetings (2-3 hours – first Monday of each month at 6:30pm.)
• Committee work.
• Attendance at WLCA special events and functions.
• Correspondence and communication with Wilde Lake residents.
• Annual planning retreat/new Board member orientation.
• Special Board meetings, as needed.
• Attendance at CA Board meetings and Howard County government hearings, as needed, including presenting testimony.