Wilde Lake residents selling their homes are encouraged to request a Letter of Compliance: most realtors will advise sellers to request a Letter of Compliance because it assures buyers that their new home will come with no surprises. Click on the link at right for a Request for Letter of Compliance form. While the completed Request for Letter of Compliance may be mailed, faxed, or scanned and emailed to Slayton House, please note that the signature of the current owner is required. 

A compliance inspection determines whether maintenance problems or unapproved exterior alterations are in violation of the Wilde Lake Village Covenants.  The homeowner will be advised of any problems in need of correction. A compliance inspection is not intended to replace the inspection of a home’s structure and mechanical and electrical systems. The Covenant Advisor’s inspection of a property is conducted on the exterior of the house and does not require the homeowners’ presence.   There is no charge for a compliance inspection. 

A Resale Package, containing the Wilde Lake Village Covenants and Wilde Lake Architectural Standards and Maintenance Guidelines, is presented to purchasers at settlement.  Resale Packages are available at Slayton House for $20.

Questions? Call Carl McKinney, Covenant Advisor, at 410/730-3987 or email covenants@wildelake.org. Monday thru Friday: 11 am – 5:00 pm, but please call to insure availability before dropping by Slayton House.