Peopled Jeans By Julie van Hemert

Peopled Jeans by Julie van Hemert

Artists Statement: Since 2004 I have concentrated on two dimensional, large wallhangings fabricated from mostly old, donated jeans.  Subject? PEOPLE. PEOPLE, PEOPLE!

My PEOPLED JEANS were inspired by a visit to a quilt show.  One of the quilts was artfully made out of very worn blue jeans and that turned on my PEOPLED JEANS light bulb!

I just love cutting up those old jeans and suddenly seeing new use for an old seam or waistband.  I begin by pulling the right colors together and as I work, a title pops into my mind and everything falls into place.  Or…the title might come first, inspired by a photo, somebody’s gesture, a story, a visit to a museum, an event in my life.

I so enjoy translating all this into figurative images created from my, ever-growing, collection of jeans and some purchased denim.

After pinning, basting and machine sewing, the heads and embellishments are created with great care.  All my PEOPLED JEANS wallhangings are unique: no copies will be or were ever made.

Heartfelt thanks to everybody who generously donated their jeans! Old or not so old, those blue jeans speak to me in passionate ways…

To view the full image please click on the photo thumbnail.  If indicated pieces may be purchased by contacting the artist, Julie van Hemert, at