Candidates’ Statements

 Candidates for the Wilde Lake representative to the Columbia Council

Christine (Tina) Marie Horn Candidate Statement: 

My family moved to Wilde Lake in 2005 because I’ve been in love with Jim Rouse’s vision of a garden for growing people since I learned about it. Based on my volunteer work here, from Cub Scouts, to the PTAs, to anti-racist work through my faith community, and community organizing with People Acting Together in Howard (PATH), I think that it is time for innovative leadership in the Columbia Association that will honor Jim Rouse’s vision and bring it into the 21st century. CA can be a force for so much good for all of us together. 

Please vote for me because if elected, I will: 

  • Help protect and enhance the built and natural environment in Wilde Lake. 
  • Work with CA to further develop safe spaces for youth to safely gather and grow. 
  • Assist community partners to support our residents, particularly our most vulnerable Wilde Lake residents.

William L. Santos Candidate Statement: 

As a long time Columbia resident and community participant, I bring a unique set of skills and experience to be the best advocate for the residents of Wilde Lake and Columbia.  I have served in leadership positions on many local organizations, to include the Wilde Lake Village Board, the Howard County Planning Board and the PTA’s in Wilde Lake.  I also Co-Manage the Wilde Lake Watercats Swim Team and have facilitated improving the swimming skills of more than 100 neighborhood children.

It seems that each election year, it is said that CA is at a critical juncture.  I think this year is exceptionally critical.  We need to develop financial, environmental, and cultural resiliency. We need to provide affordable memberships and reimagine high quality facilities, programs and services. We must reinvest in Columbia neighborhood amenities and engage the people where they live.  I humbly ask for your vote this year.

Steven Michael Campbell Candidate Statement:

I joined the Wilde Lake Village Board a year ago, and since then, I’ve been devoted to helping our village get though the pandemic and maintain a sense of community.

I’m asking for your vote to help me improve the present fiscal situation brought on by the pandemic, restore the services that CA residents know and love, and work to make Columbia thrive.

I have been a Wilde Lake Village Board member since April 2020 and a resident of Wilde Lake for the past five years. As a member of the Board, I’ve led the Neighborhood Representative Committee recruiting those who wish to lead and keep their neighborhoods connected to Wilde Lake Village and Columbia.

My corporate and project management background provides me the experience necessary to work on complex projects, attain common ground resolutions, and work with people who have diverse viewpoints. I’d appreciate your vote for CA Representative.