Upcoming Village Board Agendas

//Upcoming Village Board Agendas

August 6, 2018 Agenda

Call to order       (1 minute)   

Approval of Agenda     (1 minute)

Approval of Minutes (07/02/2018)  (2 minutes)  

2018 Garden Contest Winners  
SPECIAL GUEST:     Howard County Council Chairperson Mary Kay Sigaty   (30 minutes)                    

Resident Speakout            (15 minutes)  

ORDER OF BUSINESS                                                                                                                                                       
  1. *Request for Donation: WLHS After-school Activity Bus 5 minutes
  2. Discussion: CA Encroachment Enforcement 5 minutes

 Columbia Council Rep      (5 minutes)                         

AC Liaison    (5 minutes)

                Committees:          (10 minutes)


                        Health and Wellness

                        Wilde Lake CARES    

 Manager      (5 minutes)

 Chair    (5 minutes)                                                                      

ADJOURNMENT (no later than 8:15pm)

*Indicates action item

July 2, 2018 Agenda

Call to order (1 minute)

Approval of Agenda ( 1 minute)

Approval of Minutes (06/04/2018) ( 2 minutes) 

SPECIAL GUEST:   PFC Bryan Borowski, Howard Count Police Dept.  Wilde Lake Community Resource Officer (10 minutes) 

Resident Speakout    (15 minutes) 

  1. *Request for Operating Funds: Clean & Re-coat Theatre and Dance Studio Floors (5 minutes)
  2. *Request for Sponsorship: WLHS Boosters Club   (5 minutes)
  3. *Request for Donation: RE-CREATE: Ellicott City Artists’ Relief Fund (5 minutes)
  4. Discussion: Environmental Concerns (10 minutes)

Columbia Council Rep   (5 minutes)

AC Liaison



Health and Wellness

Wilde Lake CARES

Chair ( 5 minutes) 

ADJOURNMENT (no later than 8:00pm)

*Indicates action item