Columbia Council Rep Report

//Columbia Council Rep Report

CA Board Meeting February 23, 2017

These notes reflect Nancy’s viewpoint only.
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Columbia Association Board of Directors

February 23, 2017

NANCY’S NOTES             

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT – If there is anyone that would like to spend the summer outdoors enjoying the summer sun, and getting paid for it, CA needs you.  There are still openings for lifeguards at the Wilde Lake Pools.  Please contact the CA Aquatics office (410/312-6332) for more information.  Have a great summer!

Resident Speakout

Joel Hurewitz spoke about the Inner Arbor Trust. He is against funding the Chrysalis.

Chairman’s Remarks

  • February 27: Board Operations Committee meeting. Reg Avery and Janet Evans will serve on the committee this month. 
  • March 9: Board Work Session. Kimco Realty will be a special guest to discuss Village Centers.
  • March 23: Board Meeting. Director, Howard County Planning and Zoning will discuss the upcoming review of county zoning.
  • The Audit Committee will meet in the middle of March to review third quarter financial information.
  • The CA Board and senior staff will have dinner with the Executive Committee of Chamber of Commerce on March 16.
  • This Saturday, February 25 at 10am at the CA Board room, residents will have an opportunity to find out about serving on the CA Board.
  • The Columbia 50th Birthday celebration will kick off on March 19 at the Columbia Mall.


President’s Report

  • Written report is posted on the CA website (
  • CA has sold over 300 new bricks to celebrate the city’s 50th birthday.

Board Action:  Board Votes – Approve Annual Charge Rate and Cap for FY18

The annual charge rate of 68 cents and a cap of 3.5% were maintained.

Board Action:  Board Votes – Approve Draft Conditional FY18 Rates

The new proposed rates and fees for membership were approved.  These new fees go into effect May 1, 2017.

Board Action:  Board Votes – Approve Draft Conditional FY18 Capital Budget

The capital budget was approved unanimously.

Board Action:  Board Votes – Approve Draft Conditional FY18 Operating Budget

The operating budget was discussed because of the money allocated for Inner Arbor Trust (IAT).

Currently $75,000 is included in the budget for IAT.  A Board member asked that an additional $46,000 be added to the IAT request for a total of $121,000. 

 In the fall of each year, a request is sent out to CA Board members to make their requests for the budget for the following year. If a request comes in later in the budget process, it needs to be approved by the Board separately from the initial budget.  A request for $75,000 for the IAT was submitted early in the budget process.   That amount was included in the budget for FY18.  However, a request for an additional $46,000 came in too late to be included.  It has to be approved separately by the Board.

A motion was made to approve an additional $46,000 for the IAT over and above the $75,000 already in the budget. There was extensive debate over the additional funding.

Several million dollars have been spent on the construction of the Chrysalis.  One Board member who does not support the IAT likened it to a bailout.   It is a bailout.   The IAT is going through some difficult times, and it isn’t yet up and running.  I believe the construction of the Chrysalis must be completed and allowed to begin programming.   

With the cost of the Chrysalis over $6 million, $121,000 is a very small bailout in this context.   For those who recall the bailout of the car manufacturers, it was hugely successful for the car companies.  I can only hope it will be so successful for the Chrysalis.   This will be a well-used facility for the community.   The amount requested is a very small amount both from CA’s budget as well as a small amount considering the large amount already spent on the Chrysalis.   I want this park to be successful for our community.  This is a perfect venue for a large variety of programs that are suitable for all the residents of Columbia.  April 22 is the grand opening of this facility.  I hope to see many residents at this special celebration.

Because of the history from the early days of the park, this remains so controversial.  I encourage everyone to support the IAT and give the community an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful new facility.

The motion passed to approve the additional $46,000 for the IAT.  The Board approved the operating budget but asked for an addendum as follows:  It is requested of IAT that, by January 2018, a business plan from the Board of Directors is submitted to the CA Board.  Also the CA Board is requesting detailed quarterly reports on finances including operating funds.  Once the Board of the IAT is reconstituted a joint meeting will be arranged.

Enjoy this beautiful spring weather in February. 

Warm regards,

Nancy McCord