Columbia Council Rep Report

//Columbia Council Rep Report

CA Board Meeting June 22, 2017

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Columbia Association Board of Directors Meeting

June 22, 2017

Nancy’s Notes


Joel Hurewitz spoke about sustainability and energy efficiency.  He suggested that CA blows its horn about all the sustainable issues we support.

Chairman’s Report

Thanks to the 50th Birthday Committee for the celebration and the Luminarium. 

Lakefront bells were dedicated and the People Tree was celebrated.  Thanks to Mr Kittleman for attending and supporting our events.  

Schedule of Upcoming events:

June 24/25: CA open house

June 24, 8:30 am: Ned Tillman “Exploring Columbia by Foot”

June 24, 7pm: The Young Columbians

June 28: The Longest Table at Howard Community College

July 2: 50th birthday race

July 4, 10 am: Longfellow parade;  9 am: River Hill parade 

 Howard Community College art exhibits – the Heart of Columbia and one from our sister cities, which run to July 22

Aug 7: IAT  meeting  with CA board. It will be at 7pm at CA Headquarters.

Milton Matthews was thanked for his testimony at the county regarding Long Reach.

The President’s report is included in the packet for this evening’s meeting.

Report from CA Representative to the Inner Arbor Trust Board of Directors

Lin Eagan has tried to get a group from the board together to walk the park.

Nina Basu had a nice interview in the June Business Monthly

The Assessment Share Formula – Committee Report

This information included recommendations that have to be voted on by the Board.

A committee of 5 have worked together for almost a year on this issue. 

The assessment share is the formula that determines the amount of money allocated to each of the 10 villages in Columbia by the Columbia Association.  The group also reviewed the Contingency fund.

The existing formula is very complex and weighted.  It should be based on the core missions of each village.

Some feel the current allocation is unfair.  For example, Long Reach has the largest in population and with the most properties; however, it does not get the greatest allocation.

It was decided to find an easier way to determine the means of funding. 

The Committee identified factors that are common for each village, such as elections, events, and covenants.

Revenue, number of properties, and population are items common to all.

  1. Base amount, fixed expenses. An average of all villages was determined. Each villages expense were determined, removed the high and low, then added the averages. 
  1. As a result of the 2016 village salary study, the committee made recommendations regarding the salaries for Village Managers and Covenant Advisors. 
  1. Wilde Lake is number 9/10 in population, but number 8/ 10 in total properties. 
  1. Under the mission share, Wilde Lake is 8/10. 
  1. The facility credit share philosophy is that funding is to help defray some of the costs of the community building.

Villages will keep all the income from facilities they manage.  There are three areas of expenses:

  1. Janitorial
  2. Utilities
  3. Repairs and maintenance 
  1. Wilde Lake is 2/10 for square footage. 
  1. Combining the mission and facility share, Wilde Lake is 3/10 in combined overall share ranking. 

Because 50% of villages will increase and 50% will decrease, it is recommended a three year phase in for the share allocation. 

Contingency Fund

Contingency fund has about $400,000.  It is recommended that the fund be dispersed 50% to CA and the rest to go equally to each village at $20,000 each, then close the fund moving forward. 

There is a 15% reserve cap that the villages are allowed to keep if they do not spend it.

It is now recommended that villages can keep up to 30%.  This will promote efficiency and revenue growth.  it also allows greater autonomy and flexibility of the associations. Amounts over the cap revert to CA. 

It is recommended that the health and life insurance remain as it is whereby CA continues to pay for these benefits for full time village employees.  However, this is not a promise that this will remain as a CA paid benefit. 

The Village Managers will receive this information on Friday, June 23. The work group will take the questions and concerns of the managers and the Board into consideration. 


FY2019/2020 Budget Schedule

Budget calendar is in the packet for this meeting.  January 18 a public forum on the budget will be held at Slayton House.  However, if villages want anything to be considered for the budget it is recommended that these requests be made early. There will be a work session on September 14 when community members can state their requests. 

I hope you were all able to enjoy the wonderful festivities at the Lake Front this past weekend celebrating Columbia’s 50th birthday – and at Wilde Lake Village to celebrate Wilde’ Lake’s Birthday.  This Sunday opening at 3 pm at Slayton House will be an art exhibit displaying some of the important people that made Columbia what it is today.

Happy 4th of July – and happy summer.  Everyone, please stay safe and healthy. 

Don’t forget – SEPTEMBER 16 at Wilde Lake Park is Wilde Lake’s 5th OLD FASHIONED Picnic.  More information will be forthcoming.  Please join us.


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