Columbia Council Rep Report

//Columbia Council Rep Report

CA Board Meeting March 23, 2017

These notes reflect Nancy’s viewpoint only.
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Columbia Association Board of Directors Meeting

March 23, 2017

Nancy’s Noteds

Resident Speakout 

JingTian, President of a badminton club, seeks to set up a schedule for badminton at the Columbia Gym. The players meet Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays.  There are 20-30 players each week.  There are about 60 players total.  They want to play in the adult arena on Sundays if there is no rental.  However, they want more space and times in the adult arena.  

David Li, who is the Jing Tian’s son, spoke about playing badminton. David is a 7th grader at Folly Quarter Middle school.  He spoke in favor of more space for the badminton players

Chris Aleva spoke about ZRA 177.  Mr. Aleva feels that the Planning Board has been given authority to make recommendations that erode the planned community of Columbia.  When land use is changed there is a hearing for people to speak about their concerns or support.  There should be criteria.  There are no successor regulations since the “development” (Columbia) was completed. The villages and new downtown aren’t covered under the previous criteria.  Brokenland and Snowden Parkways are just two of the areas that would be affected.  

Brian England spoke about industrial parks and regulations   At Guilford Industrial Park  parking, and other issues are affecting the residential areas and causing congestion. 
The design of the road hampers progress.   Trucks try to make a shortcut so they cut off the curbs and knock down trees and street lamps.  He asks that CA revive development plans in place of Howard Hughes.  HHC isn’t doing an adequate job in Mr. England’s view.   John DeWolf said they are not the gatekeeper.  HHC will sign off on anything.   

Jervis Dorton wants the CA board to take a position on the zoning regulations.  This will have a major impact on Columbia.  

JD Smith from Owen Brown spoke on behalf of HCCA.   They are producing a film that is recording this evening’s meeting.  The film is the bridge to the future that speaks to planning as well as looking back to the past.  The idea is to demonstrate the overall vision of Columbia and inform, educate and inspire its residents.   They are seeking funds for the film. 

Richard Krantz is the filmmaker for HCCA.  He also created a film for Columbia’s 20th anniversary.  It was donated to our archives.  The current film is to help celebrate the 50th birthday.  

Chairman’s  Report 
●BOC April 3. Alan and Nancy will serve from the Board.
●Work session is on April 13 and the meeting will be the 23rd of April.
●The Chair attended the Oakland Mills feasibility study.  He didn’t give particulars but said it was a good meeting.  
●Andy also thanked those who helped kick off the 50th birthday. 

Presidents Report 
●Congratulations go to the Aquatics Department for receiving the silver aquatics award. 
The 2016 annual report of the downtown partnership was included in the report. 
CA is the 97th largest corporation in the Baltimore/Washington area. 

There was discussion about whether we have
1. Spanish speaking life guards for the pools,
2. A sufficient number of life guards,
There was also a discussion about what is happening with the new tennis facilities. Information on the above will be forthcoming in the near future. 

Financial Reports

  The Audit committee reviewed the reports and statements and approved them. 

Presentation: Howard County Land Development Regulations: Update Process and Timeline
Val Lazdins from Howard County Land Development presented the plan to review and reorganize zoning in the county.  He suggested the county review the regulations of land development.   He feels they have become ungainly.
●Regulations are not well maintained and some have even been found within the definitions in the zoning books.     
●Clarion Associates, a national company that does land planning, will help Howard County look at the needed changes.  
●Our code needs to be modernized.  There was a one size fits all code so it was suggested that these updated codes reflect the character of certain areas. 
●The village center process is very complex and there was question as to whether this was a good thing or not. 
●Stakeholder interviews and meetings by winter 2018 begin now. 
They are looking for a variety of stakeholders about what is working and what isn’t working.  They also want to inform and educate the public. They want a variety of means to get input from the stakeholders. 
Tuesday evening at HCC will be the first such meeting.  This will be followed by more meetings at various locations across the county.
There will be a review of the existing regulations. 
Emerging issues and trade-offs will be discussed in the summer of 2017 
Online surveys will be sent in two stages.  The first will be May -June 2017 and the second will be in January- February 2018. 
Presentation of a draft meeting is planned for the winter of 2018. 

●There will be a steering committee that will be advisory.  CA is welcome to have representation on the steering committee.  I spoke up saying that I hope that New Town is carefully considered before changes are made.  CA needs to have input into the process. New Town zoning is complicated but should be respected.  We must all keep our eyes on this process.   

●The relationship between zoning and covenants in Columbia are unique.  The county is looking at all of this.  One board member said the covenants are a private agreement between landowners. Zoning is a public function. The two don’t always match up. 
Covenants may or may not be overruled by zoning.   The most restrictive is the one that controls.   Zoning is a land function. Covenants are more than land use.  They deal with appearance.   In some cases they overlap. 
●ZRA 177 is going to be undertaken right away.   They see this as an opportunity to clean up what the county considers a mess.  
●Comprehensive sketch plans (CSPs) have mysteriously disappeared.   These are the original plans that had been approved for Rouse’s new town.  For that reason they wish to make these changes as soon as possible.  

Approval of Wilde Lake Representative on the Watershed Advisory Committee
Bess Caplan was approved as the Wilde Lake Watershed Advisory Committee representative.  

Appoint External Auditors for the FY17 Annual Audits of CA’s Financial Statements and Incentives Savings Plan

The audit committee once again approved the contract for Cohn Reznick as our auditors for another year.  

Minority Business Enterprise Request – Sunset Provision

MBE minority business enterprise policy will sunset at the end of April 2017. 
It was approved to be extended for another 5 years. 

Howard County Easement Request – Intersection of Broken Lane Parkway and Cradlerock Way
The CA Board approved the easement request for the county to place the water pipe under Brokenland Parkway. 

Board Discussion: Board Strategic Issues for CY2017

The Board discussed what the strategic plans will be for the FY18 board. 
With the planned changes to the county planning and zoning, the Board feels that CA needs to be more involved in the planning process that also includes the commercial areas.

 There was discussion about how we make Columbia facilities of greater interest for our younger generation.   Older teens and 20+ are not using our facilities.  
Perhaps we need to ask them why they don’t use our facilities.    We will make the new downtown a priority for the next board year as well as finding ways to make our facilities more attractive to younger users.

Spring is finally here.

I hope you are all able to enjoy the lovely weather.

Nancy McCord